Press Release™ Selected to Join Microsoft for Startups Designed to Help Startups Quickly Scale

Mountain View, CA — September 14, 2021 —™, a leading spatial intelligence company that delivers real-time and actionable insights into human behavior in physical spaces, today announced its selection into Microsoft for Startups, a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential startups to enable growth at scale. As a program member, will have exclusive access to Microsoft technology, mentorship, and business support.’s cutting-edge spatial intelligence technology turns raw behavioral and spatial data from existing locations infrastructure into actionable and applied business learnings. Without any additional hardware required,’s technology is simply integrated onto any existing infrastructure, like cameras and sensors, delivering anonymous location data in an unbiased and privacy-preserving way. By gaining a stronger understanding of human movement patterns and behavior inside physical spaces, businesses can gain actionable insights into unlocking new sources of revenue, optimizing workflow operations, and strengthening physical security at their facilities.

The use cases and business impact that spatial intelligence delivers are vast. Using insights on how often and where customers interact with staff, retailers can train their employees to improve customer experience, optimize staffing level by department based on projected traffic, and direct staff to their best and highest use within the location in real-time. In shopping centers, spatial intelligence enables a definitive, quantitative understanding of retail location value based on foot traffic, dwell time, and interaction with other merchants, allowing mall operators to maximize retail lease rates. In commercial real estate, the technology quickly delivers smart building features that tenants want, resulting in increased retention and lease pricing power. In security and critical infrastructure, it enables detection of suspicious behavior, including real-time tailgating alerts in secure areas. delivers a business-driven, technology-agnostic approach to processing and storing data. For businesses that require AI compute at the edge in cases where increased privacy and reduced latency are important, processes and stores data directly on the edge and IoT devices using Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central. AI at the edge computing, for example, is vital in use cases such as detecting suspicious behavior in locations or delivering real-time alerts for onsite customer service support. For businesses that require AI compute in the cloud where large-scale processes and security are top priorities, delivers spatial intelligence on the cloud using Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, creates interactive and immersive dashboards to help businesses understand what’s happening in their physical spaces using actionable insights from spatial intelligence that drive business results.

“We’re thrilled to join the Microsoft for Startups program,” said George Shaw, Founder and CEO of “Leveraging Microsoft’s innovative products and services on the platform will elevate the actionable insights we deliver to our clients. Collaborating with Microsoft will support our growth into new markets and verticals worldwide.”

“’s commitment to empowering companies with rich and data-driven insights through the power of spatial intelligence is transformative in understanding human behavior inside physical spaces,” said ShiSh Shridhar, Global Retail Lead, Microsoft for Startups at Microsoft. “We look forward to supporting as they grow their customer and revenue base.”

About is the world’s first AI-powered spatial intelligence company that uses anonymous location data from existing infrastructure to observe human behavior in any physical space, empowering companies with actionable and real-time insights that matter most to the growth of their businesses.

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